Tuesday, April 26, 2011

John Stuart Mill - On Liberty

"Uggh! Philosophy..enough said."

"(Also, this isn't a novel, it's literally about individual freedoms and how they play a role in society.)"

"Mill is the originator of the thoughtless confounding of liberal and socialist ideas that led to the decline of the living standards of the English people. Mill is the great advocate of Socialism. All the arguments that could be expounded in favour of socialism are expounded here. Marx, Lasalle and Engels are scarcely of importance. The blood of 100 million ultimately dripped from his pen (see the black book of communism). Liberty means freedom from taxes, too many laws and respect for property rights not the right to welfare or necessarily to vote. It is no surprise to see neo-con Himmelfarb enthusing over this book considering the Kristol family are fans of the tyrant Trotsky.
Of course as an agnostic he advocates that socially, individuals should be privately able to do whatever they like. Unfortunately in order for a society to be free from too many laws the people must abide by unwritten laws and that means the laws of the Abrahamic God. If a village does not want to tolerate homosexuals then they should be free not to and be able to drive them out, it's called the social contract. As George Washington wisely put it 'in order to be a truly free people,we must be a religious people'. J.S. Mill, not a very good thinker and an appalling one on the nature of liberty."

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