Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lewis Carroll - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

"This was the absolute second worst book I've ever read (the worst being Hotel For Dogs)."

"I think Lewis Carroll was high when he wrote this story."

"This book is so drugged out and wackadoo. It doesn't make sense."

"I'm 23, and I had never read this book or seen the Disney movie. But I've always heard references to the book, like 'follow the white rabbit', 'going down the rabbit hole', the Cheshire Cat and Cheshire grins, and the Mad Hatter. Now that Tim Burton is working on a movie, even more people will talk about it. So, I finally read it.

This book must consist of Carroll's drug-induced fantasies, or his ridiculous dreams, because this book is nonsense. There's no plot, and the dialogue is foolish, other than a few puns and plays on words. I can't imagine that any sane kid would enjoy reading or being read this story. I hoped that just maybe it would all make sense at the end; that maybe there would be some explanation that would make all the insanity forgivable. But no, it was all a waste. Good thing it only took 3 days to read, or I'd regret having wasted too much of my life on it."

"I think you either have to be really young or on lots of drugs to enjoy this book."

"This book was pure ridiculousness. 'But, ah…', you say, '…it is a nonsense work. It was intended to be this way.' I understand that this is a nonsense work. I understand that the book was therefore intended to be nonsensical, but this does not sway my opinion because… it is still nonsense."

"Creepy. Someone was on stupid pills when writing this."

"We'll say this book's status is 'skimmed.' I didn't read the entire book. I gave up pretty quickly. Carroll writes about nothing in way too many words."

"This is by far the worst family book that we have read. We were left dazed and confused. Collin was left miserable. Why is this a classic? However, whenever I am confused I will now be able to say I feel like Alice and my kids will understand my meaning.
Don't read this. Don't waste hours reading."

"Maybe you need to be a pre-adolescent girl to enjoy it. Or maybe I'm just a Philistine."

"The book is so crazy, makes you see why the popular movie isn't so kid friendly! And then there are the rumors the book was written under the influences of drugs...... it's all weird!"

"Too fantasy filled for me, discombobulated, and annoying. Sorry Lewis but this one was a dud."

"I had seriously attempted reading this at least three times previously and failed."

"Seriously, Lewis Carroll was on something... :-)"

"Utter pointless nonsense. This book has neither plot nor character. As a lover of stories, this was almost painful to force myself to finish."

"I can stand the Disney movie, but this book is indeed one of the biggest desilusions I had. Lewis Carroll was probably on acid when writting this, it's the only explanation I find..."

"Well that was boring and pointless."


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