Monday, April 11, 2011

Chinua Achebe - Things Fall Apart IV


"What I think. I think his book was very boring. I really did not understand it. It had humongous words in it, that were very hard to understand. If I were to tell someone my opinion about thisi book I would say to read a different book."

"When I read a book I want to be told a good story. And a good story is written with words."

"Achebe should be lauded for finishing a book, as should anyone- the writing of a book is a daunting task. As far as content goes, however, Things Fall Apart leaves much to be desired. It very well may be that critics compare Achebe's masterpiece to the great Greek epics, but the distinguishing scholar would hardly equate them with Things Fall Apart. The Iliad and The Odyssey are eloquent and powerful, while Things Fall Apart is contrived and lacks any lasting impact. You will notice that the majority of reviews rating Things Fall Apart as 4 or 5 stars are written by high school students; one has to wonder about their credentials."

"Two things I liked about this book was that Okonkwo was a brave and fearce man, and I like that Okonkwo was a pimp in his on way."

"Getting angry at the evildoers is a story as human existence, and its getting really, really trite. People kill people in Yugoslavia too, white people. Am I excited about reading the next book about that? Are you?"

"Okonkwo is an agressive, sexest and disgustingly manish man"

"An interesting look into tribal life. From what I learned here, I feel that for once, the missionaries were on the mark in trying to elevate this hopeless crew of superstitious, murderous, misogynists. Good riddance to their culture."

"my review
i liked how it was a book on a type of tribe. i liked the names in the book too. i didn't like how the book was. it was confusing. it was too long. i think it should or should not be read in class depending on the type of students in the class."

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  1. All those that spend time telling us how aweful the book is don't seem to understand that they are confirming what critics are saying which is that this African author has written a profound book which has become one of the most influential books ever written. Why the investment of time and energy to tell us how terrible it is if it inconsequential? The point is not whether people in the West and on this blog liked the book or not, but its reach, its impact and how it transformed literature forever.