Friday, April 15, 2011

Erich Maria Remarque - All Quiet on the Western Front

"As I neared the end of this novel, I was expecting to read a surprise twist that would make the reader feel more happy and not so sad. Well, I was wrong."

"it's so anti-climatic, he doesn't even go out as a hero."

"Did not enjoy. Very hard to follow, very emotionally based."

"I read this during my senior year of high school and a professional review (on the back of the novel) that claimed it as one of the best war novels ever written. It's the WORST war novel ever written in my opinion. The writing style is so dry and I thought I was reading a kids novel the way the story, sentence structure, and paragraph structure was utilized."

"A lot of talk an little action. I understand it is meant to tell about WWI was and the hardships but I was expecting more action. There was some gore which I enjoyed and some parts were difficult to read because of the killing but most of the book was talk so.... I didn't care for it much."

"I think this was the gayest book I have ever read in my life!
I don't like war stories and if you are reading this Mr. Johnson I hope you know that the whole time I was reading this I complained the WHOLE time.
thank you"

"I hate most ALL war novels, so I don't know if this one is one of the worse ones, but AQOTWF is not quite to my tastes, to put it mildly. Admittedly, the writing is good enough (I'm currently reading Call of the Wild, and some of the grammar is PRE-TTY FREA-KY)"

"Why do I need to hear about all these dead people? ... Every time I read a chapter it just goes and puts a damper on my mood."

"Is this an anti war book? I don't think so."

"This was exactly as traumatizing as I thought it would be; that is to say, very traumatizing."

"I just didn't feel it as being tragic enough -- It needed more blood, suffering, agony, misery... basta. Kulang ra. But it was okay.

Apparently, the guy wasn't able to have sex during the war... now that's tragic -- a life wasted away. hehe."

"I didn't like it. I equate it to a 'guy book'."

"Everything I read before the age of 20 I considered trash and a total waste of time. This might very well be a masterpiece of American literature but my 2 stars stil stand"

"This book did not live up to the hype all over its covers. The guy is whiny."

what a stupid book
Im on page 60
tooo muuuuch iiinfo, erich remarqe!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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