Monday, April 4, 2011

Suetonius - The Twelve Caesars

"Could not even get through the first section. This thing is a regurgitation of facts. The author should have just listed most of the facts and extracted everything else. Reading the 12 is like getting together with that aunt nobody visits and rambles on about every facet of her mundane life.

To make matters worse there are no natural places to stop reading. I have a new appreciation for chapters and parts."

"As Nick said, 'Of course you didn't like a 2000 year old book. Look at 'Die Hard', it's only 20 years old.'"

"It was forced opinions on you, but it was all to gain favour in the eyes of whoever the Author wanted to please but it was very disgusting with all the sexual lewdness/pedofilia.

I hope this is not what lies in the future our 'civilsation'."

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