Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lewis Carroll - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland III

"Ok, so everyone says that Alice in Wonderland was such a wonderful book, yes,yes, I am aware. But, I thought it was very confusing and all the characters were very stupid. I mean, it's not even a book about anything. Sure, it's trying to say that shes is growing up in the process of the dumb dream world but who cares?It was a bad way to write a story, or better yet it was a bad story to write about in the 1st place."

"Throughout this whole book, I couldn't help but think to myself that there was something extremely wrong, so to speak, with Lewis Carroll."

"everyone loves Alice in Wonderland (the 2010 kind) movie... Wonder land is awesome but the book eww..."

Didn't really like how there were no pictures for the different characters. Most of the stuff in the story didn't go along with the movie."

"I dont get why old books like these are called 'classics'. I've seen the cartoon as a kid and wanted to read the original book to see what made it so special. Now I know that its not special. Its a lot of nonsense, thats a little creative, but nothing that really takes you away from reality. A lot of the characters are unique, but only appear for a brief period and aren't fully developed (or even partialy).
Usually I'm a bad critic because its easy for me to enjoy anything, but I've had a tough time getting through this one, I dont even think its a good childrens book, they'll say the same thing I do. BORING. Save the $3 and buy yourself a cup of coffee, you'll find yourself more entertained with measuring out the sugar and cream and more satisfied to sip on that than to power through this."

"How unoriginal is it to end books by saying it was all a dream? Okay, so maybe it wasn't so cliche back in the days of Lewis Carroll. But it's still not a great ending."

"Have you ever read the book Alice in Wonderland? Well if you haven't, 'Don't'. Overall it wasn't that bad of a book, but it was extremely confusing. In my opinion this book could have been written a lot better. For example, it could have been alot less confusing and more realistic. The main reason I didn't exactly enjoy Alice in Wonderland was because it needed to be more happy,then unhappy. Here are some more reasons why you should not read this boring book. Alice in Wonderland could have been written a lot better. The author's language usage was a bit hard to comprehend,like when the caterpillar was talking to Alice about a crocodile and when the cat was giving Alice directions. Also, the scenes were short and they jumped right into each other too quickly. Most of the animals were rude and mean to Alice. The flowers shooed her away, the queen tried to cut off her head and the cat was always making her angry by lying. Another part that didn't make any sense was the tea party,there's no such thing aa a 'Very Merry Unbirthday'. Also the Mad Hatter and the Hare wouldn't listen to Alice when she was trying to tell her story. All the creatures and animals kept Alice from what she was trying to do which was to follow the white rabbit. Alice met many,many creatures such as Tweedle Dee,Tweedle Dum,Do Do,Bill, Rabbit,Cat,Queen of Hearts,Caterpillar,Playing cards,Mad Hatter,Hare,Flowers,Pig and the Door Knob. This book made me just as frustrated and upset as it made Alice.I felt like I was in the book and I could feel all the confusion and nonsense going on. If I had to give my overall opinion of how good the book was I would give it 2 stars.So, in conclusion I would like to let everyone know that Alice in Wonderland was not worth reading, so don't waste your time! Go get yourself an interesting book to read!"

"I'm sorry, but this book was really weird. It also put me to sleep. Maybe there's something I missed to make this an American classic."

"Since one Star is the highest star (in other words, 1st Place vs. 5 stars being LAST place...I would never want to be in 5th place except a cow dung Frisbee throwing contest but I digress) I want to give this book one star! In fact once I click on the submit button you will see that me and five other people have voted that this book is in FIRST Place, not 4th or 5th place like most of the other mor ons rated the book. They just don't understand how to rate books. Anyway, I loved the book and recommend it to everyone in the world."

"I truly feel sorry for any child forced to read this book in school. Reading it as an adult was no better. It was possibly the most warped and perverse story I have ever read in my life. Most passages were pure nonsense while others lead the reader to wonder if Lewis Carroll had possibly tasted some of the mushrooms Alice came upon in her adventure."

"Gee, why on earth did anyone ever suspect Lewis Carroll used mind-altering substances?"

"I know it makes me shallow, but I suspect Carroll was just playing about with words and perhaps slightly stoned."

"pretty sure this guy was on crack when he wrote it..."

"Well firstly, I haven't read it yet but im so upset because it's not Audiobook 'cause I don't wamt to read it..... What im saying is that i want it to read for me.............. I'm not saying that it is bad it's just if you have a headache and the book you're reading isn't Audiobook, then your head will be more achy-pachy..... Well im gonna give this only 2 stars so yeah..."

"A few times, I had to read a sentence more than once to fully grasp its meaning."

"Too kiddy for me."

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