Friday, June 22, 2012

Jane Austen - Persuasion III

"She does poorly in sentence structure, placing too many semi-colons, making a paragraph out of one sentence. I barely managed to grasp the plot of the story."

"I know that somewhere out there, during that time, there had to have been women that said 'NOPE! Not gonna wait around for a man to come and take my money and take care of me!' Where are they?"

"Some parts were ok, such as the scene where a girl is jumping around and cracks her head open. I laughed out loud at her idiocy."

"I was presented with this novel at my book group and I took it home filled with trepidation. I was an Austen virgin but it was time to lift the veil from my eyes and immerse myself in a classic! Everyone raves about her, TV producers cannot stop making mini series of her work so surely I am about to be blown away by the famous Austen 'wit' and the social commentary of the time? Eh, no! Whilst the insight provided into the period was fascinating and the characters relatively well rounded, the long winded prose and enormous sentences made it painful and unenjoyable. She can spin a sentence into a paragraph and by the time you've got the end you need to re-read it to remember what it was all about. One paragraph took me 15 minutes before I admitted defeat. Eventually I just gave up. Reading should be a pleasure and there are so many great books why waste time reading something that is making your eyes bleed?"

"i gaurantee that you will think about lobbing your copy out of the window once or twice. (I did actually lob it out the window and had to get a new copy as it landed in a puddle!!) ... I will be throwing my straight in the bin once ive studyed it, the recycling bin that is!"

"I must say Jane Austen is incredibly boring and all her novels are stories of women's aspirations to marry wealthy and noble men to support them. Most great literature is so wonderful because of its timelessness, touching on universal feelings and ideas. While it may have been groundbreaking in its time, it is so dull now ... This book is dull and predictable and is restricted by its time period. If you want to delve into the past then maybe pick it up, but otherwise, it's unexciting, and it still feeds on social classes and marriage as a woman's reliance on a man for social and fiscal support."

"Books like these are why Cliff Notes were invented."

"How does Chinese water torture sound?
Chinese water torture? Sounds like a welcome diversion from this boring redundant work of 'art' to me. I feel for the trees that were wasted in the process of creating this horrendously boring soap opera in paperback. It is possible that I missed something while reading this work because I spent most of the time trying to stay awake. However, in the future if I want to read something of this caliber I would write NBC and ask for the script of their least watched daytime 'soap'. In conclusion, not only do I NOT recommend this novel, but I pledge to do my best to begin an anti-Persuasion League, to prevent the widespread development of narcolepsy in high school students who are forced to read worthlessly painful novels."

"As I know Austen's works are classics, I'm sure I've just been spoiled lately by all the vampire drama in the Twilight series I just finished! ;)"

"really dated with the Victorian conceptions of etiquette and class."

"the wording was very uncomfortable."

"I found the absence of description made it difficult to flesh out the characters or locations and give them bodies and a real life.
This was exarcebated by the lack of mention of physical needs, like eating or descriptions of food or other functions"

"I felt like it had too many words"

"Does Ann and Fredrick get together all so long? You'll have to read the book to find out."

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