Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ernest Hemingway - A Farewell to Arms III

"I am not a reader who demands constant action like some kind of Impossible Mission movie, but good grief!"

"I can't really relate because, while Henry is an American, he is fighting in Italy and for the Italians, which is something I can't quite follow because I do not live in Italy."

"are you kidding me? people actually LIKE this bullshit? ... this. THIS. this overrated load of shit? i should have known better than even bothering."

"Hemmingway is in the pantheon of American writers and I think for good reason. However, his writing style is not my particular brand of vodka, to use a turn of phrase."

"The biggest fault I can find in this book are its lack of originality (I mean, a war love story? She's a nurse and he gets injured? They have a baby? Come on), although, given that this book was written about 100 years ago before any novel became 'unoriginal' this might be overlooked."

"The whole experience of reading this book felt like an utter FAIL"

"I also didn't care for the whoremongering, teasing the priest, alcoholism, etc. I know it's true-to-life, especially in a horrible, brutal war. Still, it was so heavy to me. I guess I'm just tired of all the ugliness of this world - perhaps I'd better stick to feel-good childrens' books or something. I've certainly read FAR worse in the past - I was an English major after all."

"The romance between the two seemed chanced and meaningless. I felt no sentimentality about the ending."

"I Read this BOOK!!!!! Gahh it was hard to get through, was so worth it. Just to be able to say you read this book proves that you have amazing reading stamina ... If you read this book, congratulations."

"The portrayal of women--either the saint or the whore--was something I suspected but hadn't desired to encounter."

"dead white guys, I need a break from you!!"

"do not read war novels if you do not like war."

"after she dies he claims at their last parting she was a mere 'statue'. real nice hemingway, no wonder you shot yourself in the head."

"I'm so glad that hobag died."

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  1. Sophomoric writing, at best. And very interesting how he shuns all common contractions (I will instead of I'll, will not instead of won't, etc.) and splits compound words (anyone becomes any one, somehow becomes some how, etc.). Something you'd expect from a college freshman trying to run up the word count to impress his teacher.