Friday, June 15, 2012

Ernest Hemingway - A Farewell to Arms IV

" this Book!!
I know the book was written in the 50's or so, but there's no way people have ever spoken like this."

"Lt. Henry comes down with sypilis. When he and his commandees are convicted of treason because they retreated, he hides in a river to avoid being exectuted."

"The WORST book of all TIME!
The characters had all the personality of wood chips! Infact, it would be more interesting to sit and watch the dog poop in my back yard petrify! I have never read such a boring book in all my life. It was EXTEREMLY hard to finish. It actually took me 1 month! And if I had to hear GOD'S name in vain one more time I would have burned the book, but it wasn't mine so UNFORTUNATLY I couldn't!"

"Clearly written from an immoral man's perspective, it was impossible for me to relate to the characters. And the ending, well, it was just stupid. There was no lesson to be learned, no happy ending, nothing that makes a great book great."

"I am baffled that critics call this a classic (and I was a lit major)."

"This novel reminds me of those rooms with one chair (wooden) and one window (no curtains) which we're supposed to appreciate."

"the nurse, oh please, she must be about 10 years old and bland as a spinach on top of that ... could have been written by a 5th grader. Folks, there is really nothing to it, YOU can do it too. In your spare time or on coffee break. The only problem is, no self-respecting publisher would actually publish such prose in today's day and age."

"This book should be titled 'A Farewell to Legs'
Seriously. It's his legs the main character almost has blown off, not his arms."

"The written English is, perhaps deliberately, but certainly, poor. It reads like a poor translation into English by a non-native speaker. The tale itself is OK, hence 2 stars, but it meanders and ends up in the ditch at the end. Indeed, the book has less of an end and more of a well-that'll-do-for-me from the author where everyone except the narrator dies. Hamlet for our day."


"Hemingway must have marvelled at his luck in pulling off such an 'emperor's new clothes' scam. Perhaps i'm missing something here but for now I'll stick with being the one who shouts 'the emperor is naked'"

"I hope I don't offend when I let you all into a little secret....Hemingway can't write. Short, confusing sentences, disruptive asides and childish thematics make this a classic for our US dominated times only. With a more mature civilization the book will be placed where it belongs....amongst the pop-trash pulp novels of the 20th century."

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