Sunday, June 3, 2012

George Eliot - Silas Marner II

"A book of such staggering ineptitude that I find it hard to believe that it was considered fit to publish. Long, convoluted sentences serve only to prolong the torment of a book that is a tortuously boring read from beginning to end."

"The characters were laughingly unrealistic ... I refuse to accept that this novel was ever popular. It's certainly not something that I would recommend for anyone - except insomniacs, that is, because a surer way of falling asleep other than reading this book has yet to be discovered. AVOID"

"I'd throw it away, but then I'd worry that some homeless person might get stuck reading it"

"Perhaps it is appreciated because of its interesting historical background...but now, it is OLD-FASHIONED ... we've outgrown this and expect more from books these days than a story like this."

"Seems not to have put any sparkle in it! I'm being forced to read this in high-school and it is the dumbest thing I have ever read. If you want to find out about English life in that time, this book is worth a glance, but don't pay for it.just borrow from the library. Oh, and fix the adult form!!!!!! I'm 16 and can't login."

"I think the book is highly overrated and is a book for juveniles except its construction is so difficult it is hard to praise for young readers."

"I can not think of a book that would be of less interest to a teen age american boy than this one."

"blah blah blah
oh my goodness completely boring please dont put your self through this."

"I had to read this book for english class for some dumb reason. First of all it is really slow, secondly, I hardly got anything from this book, all I got was that if you think there is no hope there really is, and you dont have to read a long slow book with fluffy writing to learn that, you've probally heard it bfore anyways DON'T READ IT!"

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