Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ernest Hemingway - A Farewell to Arms

"BLAH! Shut up. Who cares?!"

"For me it read as if everyone was either: 1) Certifiably insane, 2) an alien with no knowledge of human interaction or 3) a certifiably insane alien with no knowledge of human interaction. A vapid book full of vapid people."

"I do not like this book at all! It was so terribly boring and pointless. It didn't even have historical value! I honestly couldn't seriously finish this book. I got over 3/4 of the way through and skimmed the last 100 pages or so. Even then it was a waste of time. I hated it. Ernest Hemingway is a sexist man obsessed with war stories that have no worth. If I were to recommend this book to a friend, I wouldn't! I could've spent my time reading another book or banging my head against a wall, anything besides reading this book is a better use of time. It was literally nothing but 'I'm in the army, but not my country's army, a different one. I am a solider, but not a real solider, just the medical team, so I do nothing deadly. I am attracted to a nurse, I tell her I love her even though I don't, oh wait I do love her, we get married, she dies having a baby.' It was so bland! I hated this book so much. I honestly did. It had no plot twists, words that really pull you in, a climax. It didn't have a climax! What kind of book doesn't have a climax! UGH!"

"The ending was absolutely terible as well. So depressing...and not in an insightful way. Instead of having a huge impact and making me think about life like many classics do, I just thought to myself, 'wow...that was a waste of my time'.

[The main character's knocks up the nurse (Catherine) he met. They decide to run away together. She goes to give birth to the kid and the baby is dead. Then Catherine dies as well in childbirth. The main guy doesn't say a thing. No emotions, crying, anger, etc. He just says peace out, walks into the rain and the book ends."

"mundane war he doesn't care about, check, drinking check, mundane injury and recovery and drinking, check, mundane retreat escape and pregnancy, and drinking, check, drinking more, check, baby and wife die and he still doesn't care. and neither do i."

"Hemingway hardly deserves a single star. Call me too young to appreciate literature, my opinion still stands: A Farewell to Arms was an awful novel that drug on far too long for its own good. The depiction of Italy during WWI was hardly realistic. Frederic Henry was a flat, personality-less character and Catherine was a sad excuse for a person. She was a subservient, pitiful girl, and I have never been happier to see a character die. If only Frederic had followed her to the grave."

"Hemingway seems to have the most boring writing-style ever! I was expecting a sort of forbidden love story which happened in the times of the World War I and lots of blood, death, brutality description, but instead all what I found in the book is this complete childish characters (yes, I'm referring to Catherine Barkley) the love she had with Henry was ridiculous and what was even more ridiculous is the description of their love affair 'I had gotten somewhat drunk and had nearly forgotten to come but when I could not see her there I was feeling lonely and hallow' Like seriously? lonely and hallow? I could write better than that."

"bullshit! bullshit! bullshit! fuckin' waste of time! It was obvious from the beginning that the motherfucker is gonna kill the girl at the end of the book to create a tragedy!he obviously tries to make u love girl and think how wonderful she is. the girl is meant to die from the beginning cause she is white the best thing that could happen to her is to die.the girl, without the simplest traits of a character. just a "how sweet u are"saying machine. and the man a radio . it was really hard to finish the book, kind of being tortured it was really disgusting to read all those fucked up dialogs about their stupid over raging sexual desire used to call love without any try to look deeper in characters. it was really terrible"

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  1. I tried hard to find a page not mentioning something about drinking... OK, Ernest, you are an alcoholic, we got that!

    (I just read the "For whom the bell rings", just to verify what I have suspected: Hemingway is absolutely overestimated!)