Sunday, June 24, 2012

Homer - The Iliad III

"I have a dog and a family. I'm a liberal. I hate The Iliad, ignorant people and anyone who gets pleasure out of reality television."

"There was too much violence for me. Really? Did he have to kill everyone at the end?"

"Since I loved the movie Troy, I thought I would love The Iliad, which provides the basis of the plot in the movie. However, I was sorely disappointed when I discovered that although The Iliad is very similar to Troy, it is very dull. Basically, the movie is all action and drama while the book is just literally boring description after boring description of battle. It is very repetitive, and there are literally hundreds of characters in this poem. In fact, many characters have multiple names, as do the armies. In short, although the movie changes/leaves out some things in the book, it is actually a lot better than the poem itself. Therefore, while I give the movie a 5 star rating, I only give the book a 2 star rating."

"It's not the style of contemporary book people is habituated to read ... The history is full of confuse facts that are related in such a extensively descriptive way that does not help to its easy understanding. Some of the characters have very similar names between themselves and aren't blood related.
As a common factor of the age in which this book was written we should add like another bad aspect too, the fact the characters always have the same descriptions by the side (eg. silver feet for Iris , fast feet, for Hector and Achilles, owl's eyes for Hera) and are repeated in the most extreme ways."

"I read (and comprehended) the entire poem in Latin. #BAWSE"



"Culturally and historically, it's a work of major importance and I totally get that, but reading it made my brain hurt. There's no consistent narrative, the characters are all over the place, scenes of great power and scope are intercut with sequences of ridiculous actions and motivations, and let's not get started on the gods constantly swooping in and out of things (and I'd also mention that it has no beginning or end, but that's not its fault as it's the only surviving volume of a larger saga). I know, I know, it's an ancient work and shouldn't be held to modern standards"

"I hate The Iliad. I hate it. I loathe it. I want it to stop. Paris is stupid. Everyone is stupid. Hate."

"I hate the Iliad. Stupid Homer...why'd ya have to go and write it??"

"I hate the Iliad and the Odyssey, the two canons of American high school and college literature courses - their two examples of ancient, persevering, set-in-stone literature with times that span the tests of time and space. And I hate them. I wonder if this is one of the reasons I wasn't meant to be an English major. I can't agree with the canon... the Core, as Columbia puts it. I'm pretty sure that the Western-centric Core includes the Iliad and the Odyssey"

"reading it I felt like Homer should have had his tongue cut out as well."


  1. the "I have a dog and a family. I'm a liberal." one is repeated f y i i m o