Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hume - A Treatise of Human Nature


"i hate hume, berekely, and st. augastine"

"i hate Hume, Locke, Galileo, Pascal, Kant, Hegel, and all those stupid philosophers that just liked to smoke a lot of pot and write shit that we have to study like crazy!!"

"David Hume Can Suck, comma, a Dick ... Twice as many commas as necessary. They don't even make sense! It's like he puts in a comma to breathe."

"he talks about a priori even though he is an empiricist"

"I hate Hume and his negative attitude"

"I hate Hume, why does he have to be so sceptical"

"Cause and Effect, or Why Hume Sucks. [EXCERPTED, DEAR READER]
So from the Humean view of cause and effect of a constant correlation between events, we have moved to another view of cause and effect, one of a transfer of energy between between objects during their conjunction. Events cause events when the objects in one event interact with the objects in another event, with events themselves being composed of objects and their energy. So rather than imagining cause and effect as an explanation for the constant conjunction of events, we see cause and effect in the interactions between events, with the necessity of such a conjunction being measured as its energy ... I hope a reader can take my word for it when I note that Hume's philosophical work ... meets both conditions for qualifying as fire-starter material. Perhaps the content of this post may convince that same reader why this is the case."

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