Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Alexander Pope - The Rape of the Lock

"today in english we're reading a 20 page epic poem about a lock of hair, and a card game:

"an insipid subject"

"I found the whole thing to be just a bit of overkill."

"i hate the rape of the lock and alexander pope brings a bad name to disabled people everywhere"

"I'm sorry Alexander Pope but 'The Rape of the Lock' sucks and not only am I procrastinating writing about you Pope, and Hogarth, and Smart, but I'm procrastinating up until the last minute. Fuck you for not burning your last copies of such stale British literature. Now we all have to suffer through it. That's not to say that these gentlemen weren't brilliant for their time; I'm just saying it's not their time anymore. Let's live in the now, please, for the sake of God."

"Belinda is over-dramatic as hell about her goddamn hair"

"Omg really
Belinda it is okay your hair went to heaven and became a constellation.


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