Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Willa Cather - My Ántonia

"This book sucks. Suckity sucks."

"A tour de force of shit."

"It is narrated by Jim but seemed to focus a lot on Antonia!"

"I detest the new 20th century fad of writing a 200 page book in which NOTHING happens, and relying only on character developement and good diction to sell it. Oscar Wilde, Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Edgar Allen Poe, Chuck Pahlaniuk and a majority of the best writers in history knew that stories depend in part on the plots that they revolve around, and for a book with such glowing reviews and critical praise, it reads about the same way one would imagine a detailed, first-hand account of a waiting-room in purgatory to read. The only thing I learned from this story was to never, NEEEEEVEEEEER live in Nebraska. After reading this, I contend that living in Nebraska is easily a fate worse than death."

"I'm not sure if I finished reading it, or if I threw the book at the wall because who gives a crap about Red Wheat? Yeah, I'm sure it's a beautiful look at prairie life or wherever the hell it was they lived, but if I wanted that I'd watch old reruns of Little House on the Prairie on the Hallmark channel (which, believe me I have)."

"Not a intriguing story! Its like ice cream without fat or sugar, it lacks everything good. This book isn't read for pleasure. This thing is the ultimate English teacher's revenge!! Thank goodness they made a movie so other teens won't have to read that sad item!!"

"For one thing, Ms. Cathers elaborates in the details of people's lives way too much. Do I really need to know so many things??"

"Well not only is American history highly boring compared to the lengthier histories of the rest of the world, this book irritated me in the same way the Puritans annoy the hell out of me."

"Gosh darn it - I didn't like this book. I got lost in all the adjectives. Maybe I gave up too soon, I only ready like 30 pages, but I skimmed through the book and it seemed to continue to have the same amount of adjectives."

"I got to the part with the backflash with the Russians driving the wedding party on the dogsled...I thought it was funny, but it wasn't supposed to be funny."

"just too deep for me and I didn't feel like thinking about it."

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