Sunday, May 20, 2012

Shakespeare - Macbeth II

"Very tedious...
What else can you possibly say about Shakespeare's work?"

"Just your average Shakespeare."

"Regretfully, I have read this play."

"In the theatre community we call this one 'The Scottish Play'."

"It was old and stupid. :("

"Read for English class. Not my cup of tea, I prefer the more modern novels with sexy guys in them, tehee :)"

" bad."

"I think the writing in its time was difficult four ours"

"I found the way Macbeth finished a bit ironic because the whole purpose of Macbeths irrational killings were so that he could become King, yet the play ends with Macduff as king."

"It was not exactly my type of literature piece. I tend to prefer books where the main character stays true and noble throughout the story."

"The character development is unmatched in any of his other work (which isn't saying too much)."

"I think it would of been more interesting if it was writen in the english we speak now."

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