Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Vladimir Nabokov - Lolita V

"it's a good narrative of a trendy topic."

"I was REALLY into this book at first, loved the sexual tension, the illicit seemingly uncontrollable lust but then it fizzled."

"I read this book fully aware of the subject matter, but I expected to find some higher morality or insight into it."

"how is this bad?
I thought this story was awful! a waste of money and time. I had read that it was so wrong that it was banned, but why?, there was nothing to make it wrong! perhaps the bad bits were taken out I don't know but it bored me half to tears. All it was was some old guy whining about his bratty child."

"It is an insidious attempt by those who have twisted minds to encourage child rape, or even give child rape recognised legal status. Therefore 'Lolita' is a moral monstrosity, and indeed, creative expressions are often the most insidious means of making society more perverse. Yes, there are powerful people out there who want to make society more peverse, believe me."

"this book is the dullest thing since Dull Dan Macdull got a job with dullux paints and invented the dullest shade of beige every invented."

"Lolita's a butterfly, she's beautiful (to him) and it's a love story. Humbert's love for Lolita is depraved by virtue of societies rules but otherwise it is as pure and well founded as affection can be, and the novel is thus a tragedy."

"I was on Humbert’s side the entire time. Dolly/Lo/Lola/Lolita was real bitch, but it can be excused ‘cause she was a little girl. I only really liked her at the end when I saw she was happy with her Dick (lol). I wanted them to be together for Humbert’s sake throughout the book, but was happy with how it ended - with Lo more than happy with Dick, her baby, and all that dough, but felt sad for Humbert’s end."

"Like most Russian-authored books, a great deal of the value in Lolita is determined by the quality of the translation. Fortunately, there are several good options on the market today, due to the work's wide popularity."

"If the subject were not so titillating, the unbearable writing style would have strangled the life right out of the book. I found Lolita tedious because the narrator wouldn't get out of the way of the story. In order to write about this forbidden subject, Nabakov created a crazy man to draw attention away from the author. I'm not fooled by the trick. He wrote it, and it is still pretentious tripe."

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