Sunday, May 6, 2012

Flannery O'Connor - A Good Man Is Hard to Find and Other Stories

"I've never before been able to stomach reading Flannery O'Connor, but always felt like I should read her. Well I got through these stories and am so grateful that I never have to read this twisted, contemptuous, un-Christian (I know she claims to be Catholic), despicable author again."

"In particular, plotwise, I thought the stop at the restaurant added very little to the overall tale except for maybe a few pages of length."

"Maybe this was groundbreaking back in the day--a Southern woman telling it like it was, instead of being all polite and ladylike--but it's uninteresting today. Kind of like how I'm not all that impressed by Star Wars."

"I wouldn't recommend this book. I picked it up thinking it would give me a great story about a certain man in this world . . . and it squelched my hopes. I have a husband I love dearly and hardly get to see. When I do, I want to appreciate him more vs. find myself dwelling on the negative. This book was not positive and was a waste of my time I felt."

"Each of these short stories ended in what one call the 'wrong way.'"

"I wonder how much Coca Cola paid Ms. O'Connor for ad space."

"Sometimes, I think authors write stuff -- and there's no freaking 'theme' in it. They just wrote it, and they are laughing at you for all of your analyzing."

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