Friday, May 4, 2012

The Bible IV

"In my studies of religion I remain open minded to all.
But this... I do not find logic or basis in."

"I was expecting something so erotic the pages should have caught fire.

Suffice to say, I was sorely disapointed."

"As a religious tome and source of dogmatic 'rules' it's a ridiculous crock of sh**. As an atheist, I've read every word and usually have a few quotes saved up to use in arguments."

"there are better books in general now, way more relevant too."

"Meh. The action was ok I guess but mostly pointless, plot was pretty much nonexistent, and that god dude was a total jerk. Also had a lot of strange grammatical errors."

"I can't find any cross references that support what this book says, and the multiple authors constantly seem to contradict themselves."

"What can you say about one of the most boring books of all time, yet still tops the charts for best-selling fiction. Firstly the writing style is atrocious. It's like twenty guys were only given part of the story and told to make it up and make it all fit. The inconsistencies are everywhere. They really needed a better editor.

And with so many different cooks the styles are everywhere. From dry accountant listing everything person and every thing in exacting detail, to a fantasy nut who introduces magical staffs and mythical beings who communicate through burning botany ... But thankfully it isn't all just lists, and doom and gloom and wait yes it is. There's some comedy pieces like this guy Noah who forgot all the dinosaurs and left them to die instead of taking them on his super arc. Must have been a cold-hearted guy and let them drown like the chick in Titanic did to Leo. So did Noah paint the dinosaurs like one of his 'French girls'? ... I think the writers owe George Lucas some money for stealing his idea ... some minor magical fantasy pieces surrounded by the dullest of historical fantasy. At over 1000 pages, mostly with pretty small print, this tome makes for one hell of a paperweight and not much else. No wonder it's always left behind in hotels because people get 5 pages in and fall asleep. Do yourself a favour and go read some much better written historical fantasy. Or maybe Harry Potter. Hell maybe even Twilight. No scratch that, Twilight is still worse. Just."

"An appallingly badly written book. The prose is stilted, and the entire tome is both repetitive and unbelievable. It is difficult to see why the publishers would expect to be able to pass this off as anything other than a hotch-potch of poorly translated and thoroughly misunderstood mythology to any being with sufficient neurones to form a synapse."

"I have never read such drivel in all my life - how can any author claim that the Earth was built in 6 (or 7) days? Also how is it possible that the author claims that on the first day: Light is created ('Let there be light!') and then on the fourth day: god puts lights in the firmament (the fifth command) to separate light from darkness and to mark days, seasons and years. Two great lights are made to appear (most likely the Sun and Moon, but not named), and the stars.
If he created light on the first day, why did he then have to create light and dark on the fourth? Don't even get me started about the fact that the authors allege that a child was born to a 'virgin' (obviously a mistranslation of the words 'young woman')in the second section! This is obviously the work of a group of fanatical madmen. I am very sorry that I bought it and I'm planning to return it and claim a full refund."

"the most far-fetched load of drivel l have ever read in my life."

"Dull, dull, dull, badly written fantasy stories. It doesn't even work as a novel, let alone a guide to leading a good life.
Don't bother is my advice, try something by Tolkien instead"

"Ok for a nice bit of fiction, but lacks any realistic nature. I will stick with Harry Potter"

"I found this book insulting to my intelligence with an abundance of plot holes. Usually a fan of fiction, but this has turned me right off!"

"There are no literary devices employed to good measure. Don't bother reading this!"

"Great comedy
If your looking for a good comedy pick this up strait away... this is in no way true."

"Was just reading the incest story of Lot, i cant believe its called 'HOLY' bible."

"First things first. The stories in the Bible have been dictated by peasants and shepherds who lived in very backward areas of the Middle East. At this stage in world history, there were many civilizations who were centuries ahead of these nomads. However, the illiterate populace of the Middle East were drawn toward this cult of fear,ignorance and blind faith ... Some of the stories in the Bible are so ridiculous (Noah's Ark) and some are just unreadable (Job).The Bible is full of contradictions everywhere ... Read this book to see how ridiculously ignorant and foolish humans can be."

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