Monday, May 14, 2012

Kant - Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysics

"The Antinomies are too complex and mysterious to the instrument of Reason: this is why one should be so enthusiastic to end It [i.e. the Reason] through Aleister Crowley's ' Liber OS ABYSMI vel DAATH,' which will cause a replacement of It with Ultimately Higher Faculties."

"People always think I'm making some sort of joke or being funny when I tell 'em they should read this here book if they're having trouble sleeping. I'm not. I tell them that the key to conking out while reading this book is to not merely skim along, reading it at a surface level, but to try to understand it. Put as much energy and effort into understanding it that you can. That will knock you out for a full night's sleep. Yup. If it doesn't put you to sleep, then you will have gained a critical understanding of one of the most influential works of modern philosophy...a field so dead that something written in 1772 is considered modern."

"Metaphysics? Come on, Kant! Do you think anyone worries about this dross anymore?"

"highly recommended for an excercise in pretension."

"So many philosophers have written against Pure Reason and the Categorical Imperative, even in his own lifetime, that I hope Old Kant will someday be forgotten."

"Kant was a charlatan who misrepresents the great skeptic philosopher David Hume throughout this monument to logical obfuscation. The plot turns on an attempt to redefine metaphysics for the rest of eternity (now that Hume has essentially disproved its usefulness). Will he succeed? You can be the judge, if you like, but please take the time to read Hume's brilliant work before you waste any time (or money) on this scoundrel's scientific-sounding drivel!
Kant is one of the main reasons philosophy and philosophers are today considered boring. He influenced a generation of fools after him, most notably Hegel and Schoepenhauer. I can attest that Hegel's work is no more valuable, equally unintelligible and obscure, it clearly had no positive influence on history. His idiocy is the main reason why later philosophers Marx and Nieszche, for example, come off sounding so angry! As German intellectuals they had to swim in a sea of Kantian nonsense!"

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