Monday, May 28, 2012

Franz Kafka - The Metamorphosis III

"Franz Khafka’s The Metamorphosis leaves you with the suspicion that maybe he was physically was not turned into an insect but possibly psychologically."

"Weird. Weirdo. What did I just read.... nah not for me...."

"The writer has a very unusual imagination, which results in the ability to tell a disjointed and sometimes confusing story. By illustration, I could start talking about pink elephants now with no justification or sense but it would not make me a 'famous author'. It may simply be that I prefer other styles of writing, although this is very wide ranging - from Tolkein through Science Fiction to Science Fact."

"Kafka is just boring. That's about it, really. He can turn an idea like waking up, finding out you've turned into a bug, and create a dull read from it. Many go on about Tolkien- how he drolls on and it takes ages to go anywhere (yes a whole chapter it takes for Bilbo to start his journey in The Hobbit- the cad!) But The Metamorphosis is only about 40 pages long and doesn't go anywhere! It's so slow. But everyone says Kafka's a genius of modern literature, so i must be wrong."

"Bought this book. In October 2001. And I didn't finish it until yesterday (March 2002). It was that boring ... Of the stories featured in this collection (Metamorphosis, The Great Wall of China, The Burrow, The Penal Settlement, and The Giant Mole), not one really stands out as being any good. Maybe Metamorphosis is somewhat original, albeit with a predictable twist at the end ... Anyway, if you have enough money to buy this, make sure you have the sense not too."

"dude, i looked up the plot summary and i hated it because he dies at the end."

"You can try to look for some deeper meaning in the text, I’ve tried, but really the story just pisses me off more everytime I try to read it. This past reading I just kept waiting for it to end. This is like a 30 page story for crying out loud. It shouldn’t be so painful."

"The opening line of the book is famous in English:

'As Gregor Samsa woke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a monstrous insect.'

Famous line in English. Someone can write one sentence and everyone else can call it famous? Why?

I guess that means I'm gonna be famous:

'As I woke one morning from an easy wet dream I found myself with massive morning wood.' -I am now self-declared famous. That's just pure, deep, virtuostic literature.

This book is stupid. So there can be 130+ different interpretations about it? Who fucking cares? I think we all just need to move on with our lives and not get hung up with it because it is nothing more than a Kafka acid trip. The story also speaks of Gregor's family locking him in his room to keep the 'closet door' shit. Gregor tries to 'break out' and 'come out'. Hello, it's obvious- Gregor is a fag and is just bitter about his father molesting him. That's what this whole thing about dad being abusive is about. At the very end daddy notices how hawt his daughter is. Now he will molest her, duh."

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