Thursday, May 17, 2012

James George Frazer - The Golden Bough

"Sir James George Frazer was a total idiot, for many original and awesome reasons ... We always need more good reasons why Frazer was an idiot! It is an entire sub-field!"

"Unfortunately Frazer's work doesn't stand the test of time; modern ways of looking at anthropology, mythology and pagan religious practice are different"

"It’s the most retarded statement in history."

"It's shit we debunked a century ago. And it's alive and well in the minds of a lot of people out there."

"retarded, very, funny, try, not, to, laught, or, stay, chocked, OMG!"

"Anthrogology is EVIL, it's the work of the devil, made to collect your
souls and to turn you into brainless slaves of hell.

If you like anthropology, you will lose your soul to be damned
for eternal torment in hell.Demons and devils will feast on your soul
for all eternity.

So stop supporting this ultimate evil now to save your soul.

Or the holy inquisition will come for you and burn your flesh to save
your soul, because the devil must not collect more souls or nobody can
prevent Armageddon.

Anthropology is evil, studying it is BLASPHEMY , only heretics and
witches like anthropology.And heretics and witches shall BURN !"

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