Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dante - The Divine Comedy III

"If it were published today, it would need serious improvements in the narrative form to keep up with the style of modern fantasy literature."

"Does anyone else think that Dante spent way too much time thinking up really hurtful things to do to everyone who ever even looked at him funny? ... once one realizes how many enemies Dante and his family had, and then read the books, you may wonder if Dante would have had a more fulfilling life if he learned forgiveness early on... I also wonder about what he could have written if he didn't have so much pent-up hatred."

"I cant believe they make high school students read this! Its an angry passive agressive man's attempt to write a book!"

"Dante uses an incredibly convoluted form of language and takes many lines to get his point across. Many sentences make no sense at all and must be examined in the greatest of detail to discern their meaning ... avoid The Divine Comedy outright, regardless of the edition; be it Wordsworth or the alternative from the Oxford Classics, you'll get confused relatively early on."

"I just wanna say that much I hate 'the divine comedy' the game looks good. Much similar to GoW. Even if we don't play it the rest of the world will and some of them will probably want to know about this Mr dante since EA will highlight the name in the game. And so a person who should be hated for such an act will become more popular."

"Much of my problem with this book was religious, namely the conflict between my atheism and Dante's Catholicism. I have trouble stomaching the idea that unborn babies and those born before Christianity universally belong in Hell, even in a part of Hell that includes no other torments but hopelessness. Furthermore, I find many forms of what would have been considered sodomy to be blameless, and I also have trouble believing that those who are false and traitorous should be in a lower circle than murderers. Heretics are also, obviously, blameless to the unbeliever ... Dante's Inferno may have once been a thrilling read, but that was quite a few hundred years ago."

The book was in rather bad shape. With all the the writings, etc,.
it made it hard to read."

"Would Not Make It In Today's World
One of those classics that would not make it in today's world. There are some humorous parts, but the America is so over the edge with its shock culture, such as shock rock, and shock news that it makes this book seem quite dated."

"'The Comedy' is a collection of nonsense from an age so seeped in religious nonsense that nothing was in excess in the name of God. Considered a 'Classic' by generations of Christian zealots. I consider it (brace yourselves) trash."

"Why people feel so touchy about the books they 'should' like? Classic or not, who cares? Damn, I HATE the Divine Comedy. No big deal."


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