Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Willa Cather - My Ántonia II

"Hard read."


"I love to write and I love to read. But there's only so much I can read about the open prarie and immigrants"

"I thought 'My Antonia' was long and confusing because of all the things the story referred to that people today no longer use ... Another thing is, the Introduction alone was aproximately 14.5 pages long!!!!"

"I find that this book is best for an older audience that doesn't have much going on or simply a person who needs no excitement in their life. This book I imagine would be great for a person going through a mid-life crisis trying to decide when they got old and lost their youth. I on the other hand look for a story that makes me think a little bit more about un-knowns of the world not just a rehashed love story that puts me to sleep instead of leaving me begging to go on."

"I will never read any of this woman's books again. It should be a crime to even call her an author. It should be a federal offense to call her a good author. I don't know how this book got published."

"I hated every page of this book, and think that any good reviews given to it came from the worst lying scum to ever deface this planet we call Earth. I suggest not buying it. It isn't even worthy of the 1 star that I gave it."

"Now, I'm sure many 'enjoy' this based on the hype. The fact that this book got published, let alone highly reviewed, astounds me. I would not give this anything greater than a C- if a 12 year old wrote this. I think that this is an example of people believing it should be good because it is old."


"Yet another chick flick.
Don't read it. It is somewhat interesting to a certain degree, but is almost right down there with Sense and Sensibility. Jim Burden falls for a foreign girl, who is older than himself, named Antonia. Turns out, she gets pregnant and screws herself up really good."

"reading it for most teenagers like myself is more like a tourture"

"Ugh this was the worst book that I have ever read I hope that this woman is retired so she dosn't scare us with another horrid book. This book has absolutly no meaning no theme or anything. My English teacher assigned this book to us which shows how bad a English techer she is. This book is an insult to American Lititure. Please throw this book in the garbage.The only reason I gave this book a star is because of the picture.It dosn't even deserve that."

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  1. bro she been ded since 1947 why u gotta roast so bad