Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sigmund Freud - Civilization and Its Discontents II

"Interesting plot."

"I cannot believe that people in this day and age look at this man as anything more than a drugged out hippie from a day LONG gone by...sure he took himself seriously... but should we in this day and age? I will answer that question, for at least myself, with a resounding "NO!" he he. He was a drugged out NUT!"

"Freud seems to encourage the freedom of id (or libido) and ego ... Freud said that a community which tries to prolong the prohibition of sexual manifestation on children cannot be justified and that the phenomenon has become more evident anyway (and thus justifies the inverse? I don't think so!).

He believed that monogamous life is impossible and that only weak people who would submit to the circumscription of their sexual freedom. But has he any idea of the impact of this preposition on children? Could he imagine what would happen to children who's father AND mother date other people? Will it bring happinness to the children? But of course he only focused on the fulfillment of one's ego.

His view on 'love your neighbor as you love yourself' is awfully perverted. He translates 'Homo homini lupus' like, literally. Then he said, obstruction to the fulfillment of aggression in civilization will bring unhappiness. What kind of savaged civilization did he have in his mind, I wonder.

You know, almost every premise he got is real - they are increasingly happening. But these premises are actually the root of so many behavioral problems that gave birth to endless chain of unhappiness, not to mention a disfunction in communities. Just because there are so many people practicing something doesn't mean that it is the right thing. The notion of his statements is that there's no good in humanbeing because we are all basically super developed animals. I'm not trying to be a pious, but his judgements and views are totally destructive.

It's true that this world has fallen to such degree of immorality. But in the midst of all that, should we jump in and follow the wave to destruction?

I didn't really find anything that adds to my knowledge from this book. I found it to be negative and bleak. Imagine its impact towards the young and unexperienced youth's mind in the span of generations since its publicity forward. What a dreary future the world has."

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