Thursday, August 23, 2012

James Baldwin - Go Tell It on the Mountain

"james baldwin sucks. if anyone understands his bs, lemme know."

"the black english dude?

here's what i have to say to him (even though he's dead): james, get over yourself. there is no such language as 'black' english damnit. english is a language."

"It is not a difficult book to read, because the vocabulary is not elevated. As a reader, I prefer books with a high vocabulary. When I was reading I was not challenged and that added to my discontent with this novel."

"Many adjectives send you in many directions looking for the theme. I still don't know what it is."

"Maybe this book just was not right for me, but I really would not recommend this to anyone who has a cheerful personality. The reader has to enjoy thinking about and pondering ideas in a book"

"I was shocked by the amount of sexual material in a book focused on Christianity in the African American Church. It is weird to be reading about breasts in the same book where a lot of the plot takes place in a church."

"A shame the author had such bad experiences that he felt he had to share them in this way. The ending should be glorious and hopeful, but instead I found myself wondering and doubtful for the poor young man. Too, too bad."

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