Thursday, August 9, 2012

Beowulf IV

"Do not read the book. It is very boring, there are many confusing names and the content is weak. Beowulf is no hero but tries to be heroic.This book is an embarrasment to all readers young and old."

"I am not a fan of time period pieces."

"Wrote a thesis on Beowulf and the Nephilum. However, I didn't like the digressions within the story. And it's poetry? I don't get poetry."

"This book is absolutely terrible! Everyone's grandmother would be ashamed to know the language they use. It seems like a rated r book. A very disgusting read, so much talk about this person named Grendel who is portrayed as a cannibal. There is so much talk about blood and bones, ugh! Save yourself the effort and bypass this so called classic. I wish I didn't have to read it. If I could I would tell my teacher he was nuts for making me read it. Acutally what idiot made this a classic? My lord! Disgusting, absolutely awful. Save yourself in the name of classic books!"

"I've never understood why this is mandatory reading in british literature classes. First of all, it's not written about Britts, it wasn't written in English ... the text itself is garbage which is probably why the author is unknown. No one ever cared since it stunk so bad. The fact literature snobs think this is something special or even remotely unique should speak more about them then it. The ONLY thing this has going for it is that it's really really old. For whatever that's worth."

"Beowulf offers a story that is not based on love or any sort of romance. Beowulf, the warrior, does not fight monsters to win a girls hearts, but fights for adventure itself. Most stories today, don't do that. This is why I really enjoyed reading Beowulf."

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