Sunday, August 26, 2012

Jane Austen - Pride and Prejudice III

"I am so into Jane Austen. I feel like she wrote all of her books just for me. I can't tell you how many times I've read her books. I wish she was alive so I could ask her to be my friend and follow her everywhere."

"Having always considered myself to be kind of an anglophile, I thought that I would like Jane Austen, that I was supposed to, but this is just too british, even for my taste."

"This book is about people who judge it each other before they knew it the other person. In this book over they over come their prejudice and find a some what happy ending. Even though they have to their"

"I tried to read this but I couldn't keep up with who was what to where. I watch a BBC movie of this and loved it."

"I hate reading old english"

This is the whole story:
None of the girls get married cuz theyre all so ugly. 345 pages of snobs without real money drinking tea and talking about their love life."

"Old English grammer fascinating to read - like stepping back in time for awhile. Thank goodness times have changed!"

"I only got halfway through it not because it was so difficult but because the characters would just not stop talking! I understand that this was written 200 years ago, but something this classic should be accessible to all classes and genders. The words were too verbose. Maybe a little more punch is what it needed, but description other than more dialogue would help carry that punch. If you are a women writer back then, it was very limited so I understand. One thing this novel has is plot, but it did not engage me one bit. I recommend the movie instead."

"Ohmigod, have I mentioned that I hate Jane Austen?!? I really, really hate Jane Austen. It took me a year to make it through this book. So much talking about nothing. So much of nothing happening in general. Someone enters a room, someone leaves a room.

A couple of notable scenes: Elizabeth Bennett's snappy comments when Darcy slights her and Darcy's lovelorn letter. Guess what? Both are just as good in films. Honestly, even though I teach English, I firmly believe every Jane Austen book makes for a better movie."

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