Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Shakespeare - Henry V

"I do not recommend this book for a book club because there was not a whole lot to discuss and my group actually ran out of things to discuss. I recommend the movie by Oliver Stone because it follows the play very closely. In fact if you watch this, you should be fine with just skimming the play for review."

"This play is not numbered among Shakespeare's heavy-hitters. For one thing, King Harry is not a very interesting character."

"Stick to the comedy Willy Shakes."

"What a disgusting piece of propaganda this is! We're supposed to get all misty-eyed and patriotic over Henry's ambition to annex French lands? We're supposed to seriously believe that he cares about his troops?"

"Less a play than a propaganda piece trumpeting the virtues of benevolent royalty."

"This play is a piece of propaganda. It depicts Henry V as a hero."

"There is no cynical commentary in Henry V."


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