Monday, January 16, 2012

Shakespeare - The Merchant of Venice

"Shakespeare's Worst Play
This is one of the worst plays ever published. I thought Shakespeare was a fool after reading this complely pointless play. Do not wase your money on this book because it is completly worthless. A total waste of time to even read any of this play."

"the worst book
hit had the worst plot and it was poorly written and it should not even be published"

"2 words. I. Love. Willy."

"This was one of the most complicated books that I have ever read in my life. This book is written in old style english when people talked weird."

"the excerpts of Mein Kampf I read were less enraging than this."

"The characters in this play are some of the worst I have ever read. Almost all of them lack intelligence and depth. I mean, the part with the caskets, come on. Absolutely pathetic."

"I'm just really annoyed that the characters (I assume) Shakespeare wanted us to like are so arrogant and entitled and intolerant."

"You are complaining about racial humor? People still tell jokes about Jewish people today, among many other things, and I defy you to claim that you have never laughed at a racist/offensive joke in your life."

"Well done on this play, Billy. Very well done. It actually contained some very relatable characters and good commentary on Jewish/Christian relations of the period. Portia is my girl. Love her. (I say this because generally, Shakespeare’s plays are usually overly doted upon and contain nothing other than some puns, made up words, and psychopaths.)"

"although we are fans of Shakespeare and his other works, we have found this play to be below usual Shakespeare standards. Billy Shakes did a poor job of combining three unoriginal story lines the result being something may have served as shallow entertainment for Elizabethian audience of peasants, but compared to other works it fails in containing any moral or intellectual value. Try MacBeth or even Romeo and Juliet.... We seriously believe, even though it has been emphasized that Billy has mocked the place of women in society though they seem triumphant. We resent the fact the switching of the roles, which looks as if Billy were jesting them. As stated before, other plays of Billy Shakes were better and we recommend those."

"I remember back in year 10 I think it was the drama teacher came into our english class and started going on about the nundertones of shakespeare's work, how emotions and feelings are universal and so on. I don't remember it that well because I didn't give a toss about Shakespeare, and that remains the same today. That same year we had to read the Merchant of Venice. The ending has always pissed me off it just feels like such a cop out. I don't exaclty know when this term is used, but I am pretty sure the ending suffers from Deus Ex Machina.

So no, I am not a fan of dear William's work. He can BURN IN HELL!!!!!"

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