Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ernest Hemingway - In Our Time

"Absolutely awful book. In Our Time is a collection of short stories that *magically* fit together to form an entire whole."

"I hate Ernest Hemingway and his sexist, pig-headed ideals."

"As much as Twin is American, Hemingway is un-American. He is the most famous narrator of 'loosers but proud'."

"Over all this book was ok , but many of his thoughts were not expressed clearly so many of the stories were not going anywhere . In conclusion he could of done better with the all around basis of a book ."

"In honesty, the first six or seven stories, in my opinion, are somewhat worthless and don't necessarily possess any more writing skill than the average person maintains."

"Ernest Hemingway wasn't a novelist, he just accidentally published his somewhat interesting journal entries.
That's why there isn't even a plot structure to any of his stories."

"Hemingway is for intelligent people? Is not the very nature of his writing fixed so that it would take no more than a second grader to read it, a third grader to analyze it, and a fourth grader to call bullshit on his ethos as a good writer?"

"Why the fuck does everyone think he's a great author? He just wrote really shitty short stories that are over-analyzed. I FUCKING HATE READING HIS SHIT."

"i can't respect a writer that i had to read his books laying on my back so that when i would fall asleep it would fall on me and wake me up because he was such a boring and crappy writer"

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