Saturday, January 7, 2012

Friedrich Nietzsche - On the Genealogy of Morals

"This might be the most difficult book to understand that I have ever read. I'm a smart girl, and I had to go to office hours and have my teacher outline what he was talking about. The sentences go on for what seems like pages, which made it impossible to comprehend. This was 9 years ago, of course, but I doubt much has changed. DON'T DO IT :)"

"peppered with anti-semetic (e.g. 'slave morality') and chauvanistic references."

if u havnt read this yet,u r not ALlowed to have,tell,discuss any of ur own opinions about morals"

"I really hate Nietzsche. Reading his crap is like performing brain surgery on myself without anesthesia"

"I hate Nietzsche, why couldn't he have just kept his thoughts to himself!??"

"this is SO boring!!! i need jojo oppa or key! bb n co too u.u i just hate nietzsche, i tink i undrstant but god im bord!"

"Oh!! God save me!! Nietzsche sucks a lot...."

"I had to read this book in a college philosophy class, and it turned me off of philosophy for a life time. Nietzsche was a fascist and a fraud, and it is not hard to understand, reading his work, why Hitler loved him so much, and why an outright devotion to him has turned so many people I've known into deplorable monsters who hated themselves almost as much as they hated the rest of the world."

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