Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cervantes - Don Quixote III

"Have you read Don Quixote?
Wasn't it very very boring??"

"What the hell is the big deal about Don Quixote?
And not knowing that he was the master of Sancho Panza? People are shrieking everywhere, OH MY GOD!!!!! U MUST BE TEH ILLITERATEZ IF U DO NOT KNOW WHO HE IS! Jesus, get over your ego-centric westernized world views."

"I hate don Quixote. Or maybe I just hate reading or I hate BOTH"

"I. Did not. Enjoy this ... All of this is very, very wrong. He is a silly old man who goes crazy from reading too much and leaves his home to travel and perform feats of knightly-knightingness. However. Don Quixote is, to be blunt, an asshole. Each chapter consists of several episodes of him terrorizing innocent people and getting the snot beat out of him and you NEVER EVER feel sorry for him (or at least I don't). By page 400, you want someone to arrest him or kill him so you can stop reading about what a jerk he is ... Also, Sancho Panza is not funny."

"The real flaw with Don Quixote is in the content of the book. Most of the (more than a thousand) pages are occupied by extended duologues between the two main characters, Don Quixote and Sancho Panza."

"The main character is an annoying idiot. I assume that this is either an accurate portrayal of someone Cervantes knew or a stereotype he was exploring but none of it made me want to continue reading about his pathetic and ridiculous exploits."

"I will not finish this book. Perhaps the worst 'novel' ever written. And - yes - I *get* what's supposed to be humorous, it just isn't."

"Don Quixote does not come off as idealistic as dotty, stubborn and occasionally silly."

"there were parts that were completely unrealistic."

"You have to laugh at the antics of this poor deluded fool, and his sidekick who is just as gullible as his master (does he really believe D Q will give him an estate?) This is what comes of being a do-gooder who blindly goers out to conquer for causes without using common sense.
There are parts of the tale you can skip, just as there are boring tales in Chaucer you can give a cursory glance."

"Widely considered unfilmable. That's because it's rubbish."

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