Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fyodor Dostoevsky - The Brothers Karamazov II

"Too much about religion."

"F.D. goes overboard on the character development. He continues to develop the characters for far too long."

"Silly ...
and sentimental mush ... It is interesting that Dostoevsky is so highly revered in America and the West as a great writer, but his status in Russia is (and has been)that of a 'mystic.' Russians regard the works of Tolstoy, and even Turgenyev, Chechov, and Gogol superior to those of Dostoevsky."

"Could have been a much better book if the editor would have cut about 80%. Absolute torture to get through this pointless book."

"First of all let me say that if an author wants to sell books in this country, then use some american names for gosh sake!"

"All I can tell you, it's that this is a fucking epic drama that happened 100 years ago and has nothing to really teach you."

"really difficult and boring
i found this really hard to get into all the names are too hard to pronounce maybe this should be called Brothers Jerkoff - i would recommend the movie instead if there is one"

"Sorry, folks, but the emperor has no clothes...
This is yet another of the 'classics' I've read where I said, 'This is it?...this is supposed to be a great book?' This book came across to me as the ramblings of a madman. No coherent theme, the characters all seem to be somewhat insane, and sections come to a grinding halt only to start another section completely unrelated to the last. Maybe it's the period in which it's written, but I could barely bring myself to finish it - but through agonizing months, I did. Never again."

"Just when you think its out of the depressing musings and going to get on with where it was headed it has an anti-climatic resolution which should be the end. Instead of ending the book at the natural place it goes on to repeat most of the plot in a very boring court room drama which takes up at least a forth of the book. This is what happens when publishers pay authors by the page."

"All about sex and violence and drunkeness, really boring
This book is all about some badly behaved brothers and their mean father and how they do nothing but shout and drink and threaten one another and are lewd and then, one of them anyway, goes to England, or at least he wants to. You call that a story?"

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