Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Marcel Proust - In Search of Lost Time II

"Omg, I hated reading this. I could tell you why, like a real book review, but I can't even deal. I'm just glad I'm finally done. Freedom!!!!
Book dish: madeleine."

"i hate marcel proust... i dont know how much proust sucks in english but in french he sucks a _______ (insert nasty adjective and noun here).... i hate him and my french teacher for making me read over 100 pages of his rambling thoughts in one week... i mean no one wants to read my ADD thoughts for something like five volumes with each being a thousand pages long, so why would we want to read theirs...."

"Absolutely dreadful book cannot think of anything good to say about it. Awkward disjointed style, surprised there are not three pages devoted to paint drying. One feels no connection with the characters other than possibly distaste. Four or so pages devoted to a ten year old boy machinating on whether he is going to get a good night kiss from Mama. That's about as exciting as it gets."

"Nobody reads the book/ takes the assignment seriously because really, it is a pointless waste of time. Also, Proust was a whiney SOB"

"Proust sucks the big one. In search of lost time is the biggest waste of time I've ever put myself through."

"seriously, dude, fuck proust."

"Meh. Proust sucks as well.


Kurt Vonnegut, John Fante and Donald Barthelme. One doesn't need more than that."

"Proust sucks dick. french people suck dick in general. only good thing to come out of france be like m83 and dior."

"Proust sucks, and so does Dtocheimsky, or however you spell it."

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