Saturday, January 14, 2012

Catullus - Poems

"I hate Catullus. He's emo, nobody gives a shit about sparrows"

"Nothing inspiring about his bitter writings of the world around him. I must say the Romans have always been quite the classless people in my eye ... I would say this was a waste of time and taste."

"this iz our dear catullus?...a renowned poet. a poet?! a poet?!!! bloody pervert if there ever was one. i can see him as a 50-year-old man, crouching over his desk at three A.M., measuring his 'thing' and writing at the same tyme, and thinking, 'heeheehee, i wrote the perd 'penis' heeeheehee' WHAT A POO-MUNCH"

"I hate Catullus. I have absolutely lost desire for Latin after him. Well I still have to read him. Not much thankfully but still. Urgh. It's just not quality."

"my class has a general consensus that we want to go back in time and punch Catullus in the face, haha. He is just a creeper."

"Man, I hate Catullus. Stupid poetry."

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