Saturday, November 12, 2011

Simone de Beauvoir - The Second Sex

"I hated this book. Simone de Beauvoir is really sexist towards women."

"I felt damaged after reading this book."

"Much of it seemed irrelevant for this day and age, as it was written by a Frenchwoman in the 50's. It's steeped in a lot of French culture, existentialism, Freudian theory that has since been debunked, and the life of women before sixty years of liberation."

"if what you're interested in is cutting-edge, interesting, thought-provoking feminist theory, I'm afraid that this book no longer has what it takes. It was all of these things when it was written, and most of them as recently as the 1970s, but for a modern reader ... it has long since lost the relevance that made it worth the effort to parse the 814 pages of impenetrable language."

"I was amazed to read this book to see the origin of the women's movement. The jihad that Beauvoir calls for in the opening pages actually says that women should murder men. She says the proletariat has always dreamed of massacring the bourgeoisie, why can't women dream the same in regards to men.
The result is a kind of declaration of holy war. This holy war has now spread to thousands of women's studies programs whose only aim is the spreading of hatred. This is funded by liberal states throughout the western world. It has utterly poisoned the air between the genders as men are viciously painted in the minds of gullible young women. Run by violent lesbians, the university training these women receive is devoid of anything except the study of myth, and literature. Science and math are male, and therefore left out of the women's studies curriculum.

The training silos in Pakistan and Afghanistan create terrorists with a black and white vision of the world. Their fatwa is well-known against America.

The fatwa that women should dream of massacring men is less well-known, and yet is funded without question.

Reading this book was a huge breakthrough for me. I felt I had seen the source of my misery in college, and for many years after, as women of all ages exploded with rage at the men around me. They are being made into human missiles by Simone de Beauvoir's rage and the way which it is fashioned by women's studies programs who use this book as their koran."

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