Saturday, November 5, 2011

Al Qur'an II

"Can someone show me a Muslim dominated nation that isn't a third world country?"

"This book should never be left where it could fall into the hands of children. Recurrent themes of bloody violence, murder, racism, incest and rape are dealt with extremely irresponsibly. Horrific events are presented as justified by circumstances and as solutions to petty wrongs.

Worse than the depictions in the book are actual historic examples of such depictions being used to justify the worst kind of degradation and humiliation that humans have ever been forced to endure. These acts are not just inspired by this book, but characters in the book urge its readers to follow its example. Worst of all, however, is that, despite this book's obvious lack of coherent logic or sense, it inexplicably possesses a following of people that somehow find comfort in its horror.

No doubt about it, the horrific images, and lack of intelligent discussion of those images, contained in this book makes it entirely unsuitable for children, or sensible adults.

It is very doubtful that a book that meanders so terribly, and contradicts itself so often, is truly inspired by a deity."

"The words and passages in this book have inspired untold thousands of wanton murders and repression down throughout the centuries. Many of the problems facing humanity today can be traced to the belief system introduced in this book... among the greatest, most influential works of fiction yet devised."

"Many believers in the Koran have criticized this translation as not being the "real" Koran because they say that it can never be translated accurately. They even suggest that one cannot possibly understand the Koran unless you study Arabic with some scholars. I have news for these people. This is an old superstition about languages which has absolutely no basis in fact. Any linguist will tell you that anything in one language can be translated into another language and that there are no superior languages or more expressive languages. Just as Islam followers would like the whole world to bow facing Mecca in an act of subordination ('Islam' means submission, not peace, by the way) to one of the most undeveloped and uncivilized areas of the world, so they would love Arabic to be held up as some sort of superior language, the only language that the Koran could rightly be studied in. This is absolute nonsense. Any idea in one language can be translated into any other language
It is easy to see exactly what the message of the Koran is. Is the Koran permissive of violence? Yes. Are the stories in the Koran a confused jumble of Old Testament, New Testament, gnostic and pagan stories? Yes. Read it for yourselves and see. And you don't need an Arabic scholar to read it with to see that."

"The Koran is a work of complete fiction. These words are the illiterate musings of someone who happened to be on his own (like Moses , Joseph Smith etc) when visited by the Archangel Gabriel (another fictional character where evidence of this beings existence is nil). Misogynistic, homophobic, intolerant of other faiths, totalitarian i thought, this book was created when superstition ruled. The hatred on each page drips with blood. Love, peace and compassion is rarely mentioned. I would suggest reading the skeptics koran instead."

"Followers have nothing left to do but blow themselves up. Their countries and culture are dying - left stuck in the middle ages and there is no way out as long as this book is ruling over them. The arab countries must either give up Islam or give up any relevance in the modern world. All that is left them to do is to strike out in a desperate, frustrated, hate filled last stand against modernity before they sink into total irrelevance."

"I am a fervent reader of the New Testament. I wanted to read the Koran too as I have heard so much on the news and internet about this 'holy book'. I bought an english translation. I read the first few Suras...then I skipped to the longer suras." AT THIS POINT THE READER SHOULD KNOW THAT APART FROM THE PROEM, THE SURAHS OF THE KORAN ARE ORGANIZED BY LENGTH -- DESCENDING BY LENGTH "I did not feel any sort of spiritual power whatsoever - NOTHING. I read Christ's words (The Sermon on the Mount, The Beatitudes, etc.) and then I read the Koran and I find that there is no comparison. Christ healed Lepers, gave sight to the blind, fed the multitudes, and blessed little children. What did Mohammed do? KILL! What did Christ do? Love and Heal.

I find mohammad a very very poor subsitute for the Loving Christ I read about every day...

God Bless you all...."

"There are people who want war in the name of this book. For those who love freedom and life, it may be time to give it to them and to give it to them with the same fierceness that they are willing to do so in the name of the god they believe mirrors their own depraved, twisted, and poisonous minds. This insanity called Islam is nothing but a psychosis indulged in by those who wouldn't understand science in a million years."

"I am a Christian and I want no more than to read the scriptures every day.
I feel very very sorry for muslims who are forced to read this book each day."

"Now, regarding the Quran and other scriptures, you know from the start it's going to be a slow read. Writers like Mohammed, St Paul, and others were not word-savvy and couldn't make a gripping read like Ian Fleming, JK Rowling, or Jean Auel."

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