Thursday, November 3, 2011

Al Qur'an

"The prophet was illiterate.?So the book was poorly written,right?....I heard many people said that the Koran was the (worst)(only) poorly written religious bk among it's counterparts, though I have not read it yet.I will buy the book in this year and peruse it so that I can understand what Islam is.(Islam= I slam?LOL,from a Sweden's website...with funny pics. But, so far, I think it is a book that trains terrorists,..(a rabble-rouser)"

"This book has been one of the biggest reading disappointments of my life. It starts off with the line: 'This Book is not to be doubted.' My brain is my second favorite organ. Why would I want to hang it up on a rack while I read the Koran? Of course, I am going to doubt it if I feel it is warranted. Why would any intelligent person not doubt?

Then it gets into a retelling of the Old Testament of the Bible. And actually just some of the stories, some of the more famous ones. It's sort of like retelling just those that are on his mind at the time. Then the same stories are referred to again and again.

It is forbidden to eat swine. I guess because it is an 'unclean' animal. So keep a clean pigsty. How much uncleaner is a pig than any other farm animal? Isn't it time to put these ancient ideas about clean and unclean animals away?

Women who are menstruating are considered 'unclean.' Maybe this made sense at one time. But shouldn't it be put behind us?
'He that chooses a religion other than Islam . . . in the world to come he will surely be among the losers.' So much for religious tolerance. God does not care for members of other religions.

'No one dies unless God wills. The term of every life is fixed.' A fatalistic view of life. Why be afraid of anything? You will not die until God wills it. In fact, that end is already fixed in time.
'They do blaspheme, who declare: 'God is the Messiah, the son of Mary.'' There are a few people in the world who do happen to believe that.
God knows everything. It is 'recorded in a glorious book.' He really gets around. Is this a real book? How many words could it possibly contain? Why would anyone want to record everything?
'The desert Arabs surpass others in unbelief and hypocrisy.' As opposed to the non-desert Arabs?
I simply cannot figure out how people can speak of being inspired by this book. What a sad world we live in."

"I have to admit I haven't finished it yet. I said I'd read it to find the part where it says blow yourself up and a bunch of infidels."

"The sections of this book that I have read, make it clear that it no longer matches Judeo Christian Ideals."

"FILTHY TRASH - it is hard to review this book of sickness, lies, deception and garbage with out swearing! ALLAH is shit! Covered women are whores! And this book is a license for its followers to crash airplains into my nation and walk around with illegal weapons and bombs! It is today's Mein Kampf! The sooner civilized nations declare a WAR ON ISLAM the better! Evil hate cult = Islam!"

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