Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Plato - Apology

"For the average person with an interest in philosophy, I thought this was tedious and often rather irrelevant."

"Its a good skim - and it actually begs for a graphic novel version."

"I have come to the conclusion that either Socrates is indeed a very wiseman or he's a very talented charlatan who is capable of confusing and arguing his way out of a wet paper bag...If the later is the case, then he's a very influential and dangerous man and the Athens' Jury were correct in his guilty verdict and subsequent punishment."

"Socrates was by and large a trouble maker. He tore down other's beleifs in trying to find the nature and wisdom of pious, but never offered anything in return."

"Plato was wrong and whats real is not ideal. What is real is actually real in physical reality and Plato was a cunt for thinking otherwise and I heard he sodomized many many young boys too.
So now all we have about God are ideals that essentially come from nowhere other than ppl minds and lack of evidence suggests the possibility and what I now view as likely hood of nothingness. So ppl of faith convince me I am wrong and that most atheists like Plato too are sodomites and why I should follow and believe in your flying spaghetti monster."

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