Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lao Tzu - Tao Te Ching

"The androcentric worldview is certainly an aberration of history that will destroy us if we do not contemplate the Tao and realign our human forces in order to be more like the Ewoks in Star Wars."

"It was absolute nonsense and Orwell must have read it because it's lesson of 'Ignorance is Strength' could have come right out of it."

"Inane and oxymoronic. Abounding with self contradiction, not only in the verses themselves--which I was willing to indulge on the basis that they made a twisted sort of sense--but when comparing different verses. An exercise in seeing how many people will pretend the emperor has clothes."

"For instance, you get a repetition of the idea that 'to desire' is bad, but what an average person with no metaphorical training would read that you should live by humble means, in other words: 'have nothing,' when in actuality they probably mean that you should 'have,' for 'having' is the opposite of 'desiring'."

"Too inscrutable. :-)"

"Lao Tsu is full of shit."

"I keep the Tao around in case I ever feel like re-reading it and also so I can look well-read."

"It's very peaceful and cleverly worded, but I can't say i really buy it. Maybe I'm just not a peaceful laissez-faire kind of person."

"I read this at a pathetic attempt to enlighten myself in some b.s. way...

All I got out of it was how to breathe.
So when I hugged a girl I liked or something, I breathed when I did so thinking it would give me some spiritual entity that wasn't there before and it would emit through her or something and she'd be like 'OH MY GOD! I LOVE MARTY'

This did not happen."

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