Thursday, November 17, 2011

George Orwell - Nineteen Eighty-Four

"My bible."

"What if what you believed in turns out to be all hoax?

"I also love the fact that it doesn't have a happy ending - it is rare to find book like that."

"I also think it could have done without all of the sex."

"I am just not into the whole big brother concept....."

"i didnt like this book what so ever it was to old for me the styel of writing was vary diffrent and something i wasnt usto and so i diidnt like it and disided to abandin it

i wouldnt recomed to anyone who dosent like to read realy old books or vary strong powerful wworeds"

"George Orwell’s 1984 is a book that suffers, for me, from a problem of putting to many words in descriptions that don’t need it."

"It's really hard to believe how long ago this was written. It reads like a modern novel and has real merit."

"After they captured Winston he was tortured into believing the lies of the party like 2+2=4."

"Another thing i didnt like about the book was how dark it was. This book had a lot of betrayl, secrets, and lies in it; somthing that i personally dont like reading about,
I mean I usually like sifi books, and futeristic things like 1984, but this book was a little out of the normal. I found it akward how the author put so much phyical contact in the the book. It made it difficult and wierd to read for a person my age.
I think the moral of the book is to stand up for what you believe in, and never stop trying."

"You could title this book 2009 this book is a clear representation of the current day and administration."

"When i found out that the book was divided into sections and then subsections I nearly lost my mind. My best friend who is a year older than me couldn't decipher the intricate workings of George Orwell's writing ... My fear is octopus. even a picture reduces me to tears. I cannot even look a the marine bio textbook because there is an octopus on it. I could not survive in that world. In one word to describe this book.....detestable."

"I didn't care for Winston Smith, I found him a boring and bland main character who thought too much"

"I think I read 25 pages before I said, 'ECCKGH!!!' and threw the book across the room. I then read the plot summary on Wikipedia, and was grateful I didn't waste my time with finishing the book. After reading many reviews, I'm still not sure what's so great about '1984.' Enlighten me if you can. That's the thing though, I'm don't think there IS anything enlightening or redeeming about this novel. I only read a little bit, but those 25 pages were so incredibly dark and depressed the hell out of me. Why would you want to read something that brings you down so much? '1984' made me feel so bad I had to read some Berenstain Bears to cheer me up."

"I will protest if my high schooler has to read it--graphic torture scenes for 30 pages or so--I read only like a sentence on each page for those pages."

"How did things get this way? Where is the ACLU (not that I support them...)? I hope there is some explanation."

"This novel pulled wires in my head that did not need pulled. It tested the limits of my intelligence."

"After reading it, I don't understand why this is part of the high school curriculum! It's slow, totally depressing, the subject matter is far beyond the comprehension of a high schooler and it's really not appropriate for that age level to read it, no matter how 'advanced' a class it is. I could barely appreciate it for the message it was conveying and I'm almost 10 years beyond high school."

"It is one of the most depressing books, that I have read. The message wasn't as clear in 1984. In Ann Rand books the message is clear. I like the Ann Rand books better."

"The love interest was a filthy whore."

"I did not enjoy this book.

I do not believe in futility, ever.

I am more of a 'Never give up! Never give in! Never surrender! Never allow despair to overcome!' kind of guy."

"How sad to make teenagers read unhappy crap without also giving them positive stuff to read for credit, and strengthen their sense of identity."

"To say this book stunk the fat one would be kind... 1984?!?!? More like 'Nineteen eighty I want some more!' lol-- j/k. Seriously though-- big time stink fest."


  1. 1984 is by no means a light or fun read, but it is a read that will encourage serious thought and reflection about the world we live in and the motivations of those in power. An emotionally powerful book that will draw you in, chew you up, and spit you out. And before the Thought Police get too upset by my review here, I would like to assure everyone that I am very proud to be an American, and I love my country. Even with our more and more limited freedoms.

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