Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christopher Marlowe - The Jew of Malta

"I pretty much skimmed it. I need to reread it with the notes. You would think that considering those facts, I’d refrain from writing a review."

"I will ALWAYS prefer Merchant of Venice to The Jew of Malta. I don't care if Marlowe inspired Shakespeare on that one, Jew of Malta is terrifying in its anti-Semitic tone"

"I hate Christopher Marlowe with every piece of who I am and all that is sacred to my being ... (A little side-note: I’m desperately in love with words, but there are certain combinations of specific syllables that make me want to die. For instance, I find extensive use of the letter 'L' to be irritating.)"


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  2. Being a jaded twenty-first century reader I found this play to be satirical. The tragedy is still with in the text by the humor getting there is fun.

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