Monday, November 21, 2011

George Orwell - Nineteen Eighty-Four III

"What if the Nazi’s had won 'World War 2'? What if are world only had three countries? In '1984' that is the reality. The Nazi’s did not when Word War 2 but the world was divided into three supercontinents, Eastasia, Eurasia, and Oceania. Winston Smith is a normal person who lives in Oceania London and works in the monastery a truth."

"1984 is about an atlernate reality set in 1984. Winston Smith is a thirty nine year old protagonist who is rebeling against the Big Brother in little ways everyday. Along with his friend Julia who is more than just a friend, Winston must battle against the Big Brother, thwart O'Brians plan to hurt him and as close to Julia as he can."

"brilliant. guide to life."

"I am not at all intrested in the goverment. This may be part of the reason that I didnt like it."

"winston lives in a negative utopia. everything in the world is completely twisted and being the conservative i am, i was a little shocked by some of the book. for instance, winston has more than a few sex scenes that i think were completely unnecessary."

"This book was boring ... even to me, and I'm only just mildly smart. I can imagine how boring 1984 would be to someone with a higher IQ than mine."

"1984, A Sci-Fi book, was not that good to me. It was confusing in the beginning and began to make sense toward the end but I still couldn’t understand what the author was getting at. His world sounded cruel and unfair."

"Once i had finished the book, I really started wondering about our books that i have read through my two years of middle school and four years of high school. i wonder why we cannot seem to get hold of a single book that leaves you happy at the end. Why did the government have to win. Winston becomes just like anyone else. I am astounded as to why we all wonder why teenage suicide rates are at an all time high. Not only do high school students have to deal with a depressing school environment, but also bring these books with us home where we continue to be depressed. Would it kill us to ever read a book where the good guy actually wins? If i got anything from this book, it has only helped my realize that our school has only fed its students depressing literature that our poisoning our minds. In 1984, the government shaped societies mind to be exactly what they wanted it to be. Is there any possibility that our school system is doing the same thing? A large majority of our literature is coming off to derive away from God and lean towards liberal points of views."

"This book is mind blowing. Literally ... If you enjoyed The Resistance soundtrack by the band Muse, then you will love this book."

"Who controls the present now, controls the past. Who controls the past now controls the future, Who controls the present now... NOW TESTIFY!!!

This book is THAT good."

"We are living 1984 now."

"CHOSE to read this when I was 42. I would suggest this to everyone after they've grown up a bit. It will make you think, and make you wonder if Big Brother does exist!"

"The best book ever written by a human being."

"I have to say I was irritated with the main characters obvious depressing outlook on his survival against big brother."

"Bah humbug. I can't believe they made us read this in grade 8. If my kid has this on the curriculum in grade 8, you betcha this mom is calling the school to complain!

Did not appreciate the torture bits and the promoting of suicide as a way out.

Way did not appreciate the hopeless ending."

"I prefer the Topias to the Utopias, my self, as the Topias have far greater potential of becoming reality. (The proper term, incidentally, is Negative Utopia, but, seeing as Utopia is a Greciate word meaning 'noplace', then should not the more realistic negative Utopia naturally be called '[some:]place'?)"

"Action is sparse and sporadic, with one 'action' seen being an incredibly odd and kinky sex scene between Winston and Julia"

"One word: Torture. This book is about physical and psychological torture and as the reader you get to be tortured too. There are some interesting political and philosophical points, and you might be able to feel smarter because you have read this well-known book. That may be enough of a reason to read it but don't expect to enjoy it."

"Why does this book get a low rating?
Because of the ending.

End of story.
The most infuriating ending of a book I have ever read in my life. I was so mad. It was fine up until then. But as an author, I felt Orwell gave up on his readers and that just isn't acceptable."

"It was quite annoying that the next 30 pages was Winston reading "the book" and I, also, had to read each and every word"

"first of all its NOTHING like the future is probly going to turn out. second of all every one says the aurthor george orwell is so trippy and wierd but i think he's just trying to cover up for the fact that HE CAN'T WRITE. please george do us all a faver and stop writing books."

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