Saturday, July 13, 2013

Virginia Woolf - A Room of One's Own II

"dumb ass femenist bullshit
my ex girl friend would have loved it though"

"I just can't stand Virginia Woolf. She's so annoying. She's so boring. I hate the way she refers to herself as 'one' all the time."

"I learned that Virginia Woolf felt angry and cheated regarding her limited access to education in the 16th century."

"I am not a fan of Woolf to begin with. I think she is wordy and pretension."

"you're a menopausal old cack who lives in a cave (which you probably took from your husband in the divorce settlement). Why is it that some women have to turn everything men do into a civil rights march?"

"Just kill me now
No wonder this woman took her own life. She was a nut! And talk about analyzing every living moment, she could have used a lot of it herself."

"FemmeNazi lesbian psycho bitch whore"

"written by a lesbian
I think my title pretty much says it all........i have no interest in reading about that lifestyle. I just dont approve."

"virginia woolf is a lesbian hipster bitch"

"After being forced to read this book for English class, I feel it my obligation to let people know just how bad it is. Woolf is an ardent feminist, and will go to whateer length necessary to tell her audience of the supposed atrocities committed upon society by men. According to her, men are pigs who simply suppress women to elevate themselves. Her constant self-contradiction (is she not doing here the same thing that she accuses men of?) makes her thesis difficult to believe. Her unusual style, using dashes instead of proper names, only distracts the reader. All in all, I do not recommend this book to anyone who is capable of conscious thought."


"I live in a country where feminism rules and as a consequence 67% of the claims of rape are false, usually to 'punish' some guy not interested on the woman who cries out Virginia Woolf. :)"

"If women have invaded all the previously all-male institutions, men needed to find, as Virginia Woolf might have put it, 'a room of their own'—an all-male space where men can relax with other men, free from the constant policing that accompanies political correctness, and retrieve their inner sense of their own masculinity, in the presence of other men."



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