Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ernest Hemingway - The Sun Also Rises IV

"I understand that Hemingway was innovative at the time in the way he wrote, but this book isn't that great. Sure, maybe it was great in the 1920's or whenever, but it's just not interesting. The whole book is just a lot of talk and there's all this other implied character interaction that is hard to pick up on."

"If you honestly think that people don't have a reason for hating Ernest Hemingway's writing style other than that he's boring, then you are completely inept. The fact that you find main characters drinking more than any drunk could imagine with a mix of really short and really really really long sentences compiling a STORY, that makes me feel that you're inept."

"Blah. Twelve years after graduating with a double major in English and journalism I finally got around to reading this one because I felt I should. I was not impressed."

"Horrible. Both the language and what the language was used for. Okay, I don't like Spain"

"You may like sentences like, 'There was an apple. He ate the apple. The apple was good.' But since I have a brain, I'm going to have to say... NO.
It's horrible, quite honestly ... Oh my GOODNESS, is it boring! I understand that it's metaphorical, but even so--Ernest Hemingway commits literary blasphemy by writing such a boring book with the most boring/dry prose imaginable.
I can handle boring books. I've read the Historian. Dracula. A collection of Jack London's most prominent works sits on my bedside table. Boring is fine, if it's written well. Then you can delude yourself into thinking it's an 'intellectual read'.
But this is a boring book written by a third-grader calling himself Ernest Hemingway. I wouldn't be surprised if the original manuscript was submitted in crayon."

"First of all, I feel the book is a little outdated because a lot of emotion, culture, circumstances that Hemingway tried to describe is about War World I."

"Boring, boring, boring.
Hemingway is the Seinfeld of the 20s... it's all about nothing."

"Ugh!!! Hemingway is painfully, literarily handicapped"

"Complete crap.

1920's print version of modern day Kardashian. They eat, drink, cheat on each other, use each other and then eat and drink some more."

"I want to feel when I read. I do not want to have to analyze text in order to make myself feel."

"If it wasn't for my self-diagnosed partial OCD I most likely would have have given up part way through and thrown this book in the trash, but as it stands I forced myself to finish it"

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