Friday, July 19, 2013

Ludwig Wittgenstein - On Certainty

"Reading Wittgenstein put an end to my interest in philosophy. If philosophy is about the kinds of language games that Wittgenstein played, it wasn't worth my time."

"Wittgenstein was a man who despised all things metaphysical and spiritual. He fancied himself a no-nonsense objectivist who would not be hoodwinked by false religious promises or tricked into seeing intangible ghosts ... Wittgenstein's solipsism has spiraled out of control and taken on a life of its own. For him the self is everything; all so-called objective entities spring from the subjective self, leaving us with no real objctive reality or atomic facts at all. All we are left with is Wittgenstein, the self-appointed possessor, owner, and sovereign monarch of the known universe. None of us exist unless Wittgenstein invites us into his little world, and we cease to exist the moment we exit his field of vision. I, for one, take exception to this. Hey Wittgenstein: - I exist - get used to it - I'm here to stay - you cannot expel me from the universe - the world does not revolve around you!"

"Wittgenstein was a fucking fruit loop."

"I own both the Tractatus and the Blue and Brown books and think that Wittgenstein was a fucking joke. If one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent. Metaphysically speaking, this means that no one should speak, and cannot speak, because all of Wittgenstein's beloved logic is based upon a group of axioms, a group of unprovables that demand that we do not speak, nay, that we do not even think."

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