Tuesday, July 23, 2013

August Strindberg - Miss Julie

"That was awful! This was definitely the worst play I have ever and probably will ever read."

"Miss Julie is a short play written by August Strindberg. I think that after the author wrote this book, they should have forever stopped writing. Everything about it is dumb. It is basically about the counts daughter, Julie, who is so 'scandalous' that she just HAS to seduce her fathers valet. This whole play could of been less of a waste of my time if she just wasn't a prostitute. I gotta give it to the man Jean though, he put her in her place. He twisted her mind with tales of love, passion, and dreams. Then crushed her dreams of running away with the snap of his finger. I was happy the play ended how it did. So that bratty girl finally stopped talking. NEVER read this book. Seriously, eat nails before you read this."

"August Strindberg was an author of short stories. He wrote 'A Doll's House,' which was another short story that I read and I actually liked it. 'Miss Julie,' is a play about a woman name Julie who drove her fiance to break off their engagement and she tried to seduce her father's valet during the course of a Midsummer's Eve. She successfully seduced him and wanted him to leave and run away with her. There isn't too many current events have connection to this story, which was why I found this so boring ... Julie was still evil because she tried to seduce someone's man! Christine was good, mostly because she was barely in the story."

"The characters are definitely 'out there', so if you're into that kind of thing, then Miss Julie may be something you'd like to read."

"an overly sentimental piece of juvenalia"

"How can this be a great 'modern' playwright when

the views and themes of this major play have a better part

for the 17th century than the 20th?

I thought about it and if it was produced in San Francisco

even with it's respect for the arts, on merits

the play would be jeered."


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