Sunday, July 21, 2013

Paul Feyerabend - Against Method II

"he was using an extremely offensive language and showed extreme contempt for scientists not reading philosophy when he obviously never bothered to get any real insight on science himself, in order to mask his trivial points for philosophy of science."

"I believe those remarks could be summarized more concisely if he had said 'I Paul Feyerabend am an idiot'. I love philosophy but hate philosophers because very little philosophy comes from professional philosophers, it comes from scientists and mathematicians. Every time I think I’m being too hard on philosophers somebody mentions a person like Feyerabend and I remember why I dislike them so much."

"I guess Feyerbrand was looking the other way when scientist said microscopic animals caused disease, lightning was just electricity, condoms will prevent HIV, and cigarette smoking caused cancer."

"Sorry, you can have your own beliefs, but you can't have your own reality. Science studies reality, science is NOT a democratic process, you can't vote to defy gravity. You can try, good luck wth that.
Sorry, Feyerabend is an idiot on this specific issue ... It’s especially ironic to hear criticism of my criticism of Feyerabend’s criticism of Galileo when Feyerabend, being a idiot, believed that all criticisms were of equal value."

"personally, i think Feyerabend underestimates the peer review process."


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