Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dante - The Divine Comedy IV

"'Twixt? Isn't that a candy bar? I'm going o'er there, back to Dr. Seuss! Back where I can read Withouten all these extraordinarily outdated words! If I were more into poetry I believe I would have loved to read this book, but...."

"A struggle to read, I feel like it would have read a lot better in the original Latin."

"I wanted to read or listen to it in Latin even though I don't know Latin. I found a recording by Librivox that I downloaded and listened to.

My wife though it was silly to listen to it in a language that I don't know. As I began to listen to it, I felt like I only knew perhaps a dozen words in Latin. But as I strove to understand what I was hearing, I have recognized enough words that my recognition vocabulary seems more like 100 words."

"I can not look beyond its catholic propaganda preached by an Italian drunkard who ultimately killed himself."

"a comedy uses common vernacular and tragedy uses high language. funny how common vernacular back then sounds so cryptic today"

"Dante's Divine Comedy is the worst book that I have read in my life, and that means a lot, because I also have read 'Twilight', well at least tried the first 50 pages ... it is of no importance today, it can give no joy to the reader, and the ideas expressed in the book are rare, old-fashioned and sometimes stupid. Overall, don't waste your time reading the Divine Comedy"

"Why did I even read this? Because I read Dan Brown's Inferno, which is based on this book. And because it's on Book Riot's 100 books to be well-read list.

This is a so called classic. I did not find it sensational or even that interesting, despite it being about hell. It was basically the same thing over and over: Dante (the narrator) goes with Virgil (his guide) to a section of hell, and in that section, dead people are being punished. He stops and talks to one of these sinners, and discovers their name and what they did to deserve their punishment. He moves on, and repeat. For something that had a lot of influence, this book is pretty tedious."

"when I read it almost 10 years ago, I HATED this book. Talking about circles of hell. I felt like I was in a circle of hell trying to get through this book."

"This book is the Journey of Dante Aligheri and his Journey through the 9 circles of hell. Each Circle contains diffrent sinners and as Dante goes deeper in, it'll get worst. Dante goes through hell, and when he gets out, he'll try desperately to find his long lost love Blanche."

"I would like to give Dante`s Hell , tow Stars for putting Muhanned in the ninth gulf of hell , because this is the place he deserve :D"

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